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Tai Chi & Yoga Music

Tai Chi. Yoga. Chi Kung or Qigong. Taiji. Asian or Oriental Martial Arts. Taijiquan. Meditation. Visualization. Cultivation. Massage. Healing Therapy. Tai chi & Yoga music.

This Spotify Music Playlist is soft yet compelling and boosts your Yin energy, conversely to the Martial Arts & Workout Music playlist.

All of these things (and possibly more) bring to mind a certain vibe, don’t they? And this vibe can be helped or hindered by music. Do you need to feel motivated? Want to feel inspired? Just that extra edge, that little bit to push you deeper into the groove, to get in the Zone, to push you on. Music can and will do all these things and more.

Although Tai Chi and Yoga are different arts with different goals, the students or practitioners of said arts tend to have similar objectives. To work out the insides. Perhaps they wish to be a better and happier person. And all that jazz.

Sometimes it can be hard to get in the groove if you don’t have some melodic or New Age music playing in the background when you are training or practicing. Heck – even when you go get a massage, facial, or a “day at the Spa,” you can hear this type of music playing. Our goal is to help you with that. We have trained both Tai Chi and even Yoga with this music playing in the background, and it does seem to make quite a difference!

Below you will find our Tai Chi & Yoga musicSpotify playlist that we sometimes play if we’re offering Tai Chi training, Qigong or internal martial arts seminars, healing therapies, and so on.

And it’s great to have it on Spotify, so we can each play it at home, doing our own thing. So we share it with you as well as our other Free Resources.

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Spotify Playlist for Tai Chi & Yoga Music

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