We’re sharing with you some free resources that we love. Here you’ll find audio material to help your practice and perhaps also some personal interests. And if you’re not currently a training martial artist or practitioner of some sort, you’ll still find some value here because it’s not all martial-artsy stuff. (But just in case you want to become one yourself, we do have a Free Trial program.)  

Music Playlist Resources

The “Workout Playlist” will give you access to our Spotify music playlists. One for External training (lifting weights, working a heavy bag, sparring, cardio, intense drills, application-work, martial art forms, etc.). And one for Internal training (Yoga, Qigong or Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Massage, Visualization, Meditation, bodywork, etc.). 

Podcast Resources

The “Podcasts” will give you access to a large selection of Podcasts we like, broken down into a variety of topics of interest. From Martial Arts Podcasts to Podcasts about Taoism and Chinese Literature to Asian American interests, there’s a bit of something for almost everyone.  

But let’s be honest. Aside from advertising our Kung Fu classes, this whole website is a resource! 

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