Chinese mural depicting kung fu trainingAlthough each of our Programs have their own unique differences, all classes have one main goal: to help you, the student, progress to push your “personal best” to even higher levels – all within a fun & friendly environment!

PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu currently offers programs in two unique styles of Kung Fu (功 夫) or Chinese Martial Arts: Northern Shaolin (北 少 林 拳) and Yang family Taijiquan (楊氏太極拳) or Yang Style Tai Chi.

Northern Shaolin (北 少 林 拳)

This hardcore, 外 家 Wài Jiā or External (family) Kung Fu style builds solid fitness, physical intelligence, martial ability and much more, including many aspects that break out of the External mold, into the 內 家 Nèi Jiā or Internal family.

Although there are definite ties to the 少 林 寺 Shào Lín Sì – Shaolin Temple or Shaolin Monastery, our style is not the well-known Shaolin Kung Fu that many mistakenly associate with the name.

Instead, our system of the 北 少 林 拳 門 Běi Shǎo Lín Quán Mén or Northern Shaolin Boxing School is the one made quite popular by the legendary 顾 汝 章 Gù Rǔ Zhāng. Gu is popularly known for his skill and public demonstrations of 鐵 掌 功 Tiě Zhǎng Gōng or Iron Palm Skill, which is a special conditioning method found in many martial art systems and not necessarily part of a Northern Shaolin curriuculum.

The content of our Northern Shaolin style consists of many different training methodologies, empty-hand forms, Qigong sets, traditional Chinese weaponry and much more.

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Yang family Taijiquan (楊氏太極拳)
or Yang Style Tai Chi


Unfortunately, Taijiquan / Tai Chi classes are not being offered at this time.

This classic and wildly popular 內 家 Nèi Jiā Internal style of Chinese Martial Arts is a gentle work out that leaves you feeling refreshed, energized and in the zone, while still leaving a little bit of muscular soreness – letting you catch a glimpse at its true power.

Although initially there are no set 氣 功 Qì Gōng or Qigong (often seen spelled in the old Wade-Giles or Yale Chinese Romanization systems as Chi Kung or Chi Gung, as opposed to the modern Pinyin system) movements per se, due to the nature of proper structure, anatomic alignment, harmonization of breath with movement and a few other things – the benefits of Qigong just happens.

Since we mentioned that bit of the different romanized versions of talking about Qigong, you may find it interesting to note that Taiji and Tai Chi refer to the same things – but in different systems as well. Read more about that over Here.

Oh – and the martial side of it? Yep we do that too! 🙂

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