General Kung Fu articles relevant to a variety of styles and practitioners.

Allen Pittman
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Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan and Wisdom of the Body Seminars in Athens, GA 2010

PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu & Hu Kung Fu present: Two-Day Allen Pittman seminars on Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan & Wisdom of the Body in Athens, GA
Martial Art School Rules

Martial Arts Schools – Rules or Virtues

Part 4 in a series on Wu De (武德), addresses the various manifestations of Martial Virtue and considers why Martial Arts schools have rules.
A Buddhist monk bowing

Understanding Wu De as Martial Virtue

Part 3 in a series on Wu De (武德), goes into more depth of this martial virtue and the martial arts.
Two Northern Shaolin Kung Fu students demonstrating Tan Tui applicaitons during a test

Two more Northern Shaolin tests Passed!

Details of a doubled-up Northern Shaolin testing day.
Wu De - Mo Duk - Martial Virtue

What is Wu De?

Part 2 in a series on Wu De (武德), Martial Virtue. Entertaining and enlightening.
Historic Black & White photo of a Boy Scout

Martial Arts and the Cultivation of Character through Wu De

Part 1 in a series on Wu De, the often misunderstood Cultivation of Character in traditional martial arts.
Tan Tui - Chinese Characters

New Northern Shaolin Tán Tuǐ Practitioner

A congratulatory message to a new Northern Shaolin Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu student, who is entering the realm of Tan Tui learning.
Jay and Philip doing Northern Shaolin Iron Pole during test

Northern Shaolin has 2 new Tan Tui Graduates!

Northern Shaolin is famous for many things, Tan Tui as a good Kung Fu training form is one of them. Read about 2 graduates of this intense training form.
Pu Bu or Drop Stance - Kung Fu as a Martial Art

Is Kung Fu a Martial Art?

Kung Fu, Wushu, Martial Arts, TCMA, etc. Words have meanings. :)