From time to time, we’ll randomly pick a Northern Shaolin Kung Fu class and do a full write-up on it. How the class went and the details of what was taught and practiced; all this and more will be included in the Class Reviews. It’s great for current students to be able to review what we went over. Absent students can see what they’ve missed. And the curious visitor can get an idea of what a Northern Shaolin Kung Fu class with us might be like.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu friends enjoy Tan Tui togetherPATHS Atlanta Kung Fu
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Review: A Student's Last Class

The last class for a Northern Shaolin Kung Fu student. Another student shares his take on this emotional day. Friends, family, Tan Tui, and Windmills.
Tan Tui Head Wrap
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Good to be Back! A Kung Fu Class Review

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu student returns and gives us the nitty-gritty on a class after Chinese New Year. A fine read!
Change: A PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu Class Review
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Change: A Kung Fu Class Review

Want to know what it's like to be part of our Northern Shaolin family? Check out this in-depth class review from one of our students! It was a special class day, to be sure, but the depth of this post gives you an idea of how we like to play. Enjoy! :)
Fist of Atlanta Kung Fu

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Class Review - 03-18-2015

A full write-up of a Northern Shaolin Kung Fu class held at PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu on Wednesday night, March 18, 2015. Learn what you might be doing (or what you may have missed) in Class!