Northern Shaolin

Articles dealing with, specifically, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu friends enjoy Tan Tui together

Review: A Student’s Last Class

The last class for a Northern Shaolin Kung Fu student. Another student shares his take on this emotional day. Friends, family, Tan Tui, and Windmills.

Change: A PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu Class Review

Change: A Kung Fu Class Review

Want to know what it’s like to be part of our Northern Shaolin family? Check out this in-depth class review from one of our students! It was a special class day, to be sure, but the depth of this post gives you an idea of how we like to play. Enjoy! 🙂

Chinese Kung Fu Demonstation in 2013 - Atlanta, GA

Video Time Machine! Back to CNY 2013

A 2013 Video montage of Kung Fu. In-depth explanations of its contents. And other kung fu video clips to illustrate certain movements and concepts.

Kung Fu Geometry and The Box

The Box

The Box is a geometric framework of the human body used in Kung Fu. The understanding of it and its component pieces bring multiple benefits. Read and Learn!

8 Tips for Learning Martial Arts

Learn how to learn Martial Arts

Ever hear your martial arts teacher ask “I thought you said you practiced?” and maybe you did. But you obviously missed something in the learning of the movement in question. Here’s some great tips for learning martial arts – how to make your learning go a bit more smoothly and how to really absorb what is being taught to you.

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