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Shaolin Temple in China - Back Road headed to the demo!

Training in China – Part 3: Training Towards a Change

The Grand Finale of our Northern Shaolin Kung Fu student's journey into his trip. A China Kung Fu journey of exciting tales! Join us and learn the details of his Kung Fu experience of China, Shaolin Temple and much more!
Riding the Bullet Train from Beijing to Zhengzhou, China

Training in China - Part 2: Tourist Time

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu student Justin Ford returns with another installment in his three-part China adventure story.
Travel to China for Martial Arts Training

Training in China – Part 1: The Beginning

A Kung Fu student's impossible dream comes true: A trip to the motherland of Chinese Martial Arts - China! The first of a 3-Part series that promises to have on the edge of your seat as you share the anticipation and the excitement.
Chinese Romanization - Murray System for Sighted

Chinese Romanization

A look into what Chinese Romanization is and the various systems in use.
Chinese New Year greeting card

Happy New Year – Chinese Greetings and Sayings

CNY = Chinese New Year. Happy New Year! But how do you say it in Mandarin? There's a bunch ways. Learn about much more than just Gong Xi Fa Cai.
Chinese can be confusing

Spoken Chinese - Complications of Dialect

An introductory explanation of dialects within the spoken Chinese language.