Pu Bu or Drop Stance - Kung Fu as a Martial Art

Is Kung Fu a Martial Art?

Kung Fu, Wushu, Martial Arts, TCMA, etc. Words have meanings. 🙂
Martial Art students lined up at attention for test

Solo Martial Art Training Tip - Testing Yourself

Tips for Solo-Training in the Martial Arts. How to consistently test yourself so that you improve at home away from class!
Ku Yu Cheung - Bak Siu Lum - Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Master

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu - One Martial Art, Many Names

Northern Shaolin comes from the North part of China yet there's a lot of Cantonese terminology. We look into the names & history of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.
Xing Yi Quan: The Opening

Xing Yi Quan - The Art of Advancing - Part 1 The Opening Form

The Art of Advancing: The Opening form of the Internal Chinese Martial Arts - Xing Yi Quan.
Dave Jones Ba gua zhang circle-walking

Ba Gua Zhang Training Tips #1: Conditioning

Dave Jones talks about Conditioning and how the concept is handled in the martial art known as Gao style Ba Gua Zhang.
8 Tips for Learning Martial Arts Kung Fu PATHS Atlanta

Learn how to learn Martial Arts

Ever hear your martial arts teacher ask "I thought you said you practiced?" and maybe you did. But you obviously missed something in the learning of the movement in question. Here's some great tips for learning martial arts - how to make your learning go a bit more smoothly and how to really absorb what is being taught to you.

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