Martial Art School Rules

Martial Arts Schools – Rules or Virtues

Part 4 in a series on Wu De (武德), addresses the various manifestations of Martial Virtue and considers why Martial Arts schools have rules.

A Buddhist monk bowing

Understanding Wu De as Martial Virtue

Part 3 in a series on Wu De (武德), goes into more depth of this martial virtue and the martial arts.

Deluxed Broadsword by AWMA

Deluxe Broadsword of AWMA

Interesting review of the Deluxe Broadsword by AWMA (Asian World of Martial Arts)

Chinese Broadsword from RCS and More

Chinese Broadsword of RCsandmore

Review of a Chinese Broadsword bought by RCS and More for practicing the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA).

8 Tips for Learning Martial Arts

Learn how to learn Martial Arts

Ever hear your martial arts teacher ask “I thought you said you practiced?” and maybe you did. But you obviously missed something in the learning of the movement in question. Here’s some great tips for learning martial arts – how to make your learning go a bit more smoothly and how to really absorb what is being taught to you.

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