Fist of Atlanta Kung Fu

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Class Review – 03-18-2015

A full write-up of a Northern Shaolin Kung Fu class held at PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu on Wednesday night, March 18, 2015. Learn what you might be doing (or what you may have missed) in Class!

Chinese New Year greeting card

Happy New Year – Chinese Greetings & Sayings

CNY = Chinese New Year. Happy New Year! But how do you say it in Mandarin? There’s a bunch ways. Learn about much more than just Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Kung Fu Geometry and The Box

The Box

The Box is a geometric framework of the human body used in Kung Fu. The understanding of it and its component pieces bring multiple benefits. Read and Learn!


A Great Tiger Descends – Lum Jo Passes Away

One of the most remarkable Kung Fu men has passed away. Patriarch of Lam family Hung Kuen. A well-lived 103 years.

Sifu Joel Rodriguez, Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Joel Rodriguez: Atlanta Wulin suffers a Great Loss

Atlanta’s own Kung Fu Master Joel Rodriguez of Northern Ying Jow Pai Kung Fu passes away.

Allen Pittman

Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan & Wisdom of the Body: Athens, GA 2010

PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu & Hu Kung Fu present: Two-Day Allen Pittman seminars on Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan & Wisdom of the Body in Athens, GA

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