Kung Fu Geometry and The Box

The Box

The Box is a geometric framework of the human body used in Kung Fu. The understanding of it and its component pieces bring multiple benefits. Read and Learn!
Chinese can be confusing

Spoken Chinese - Complications of Dialect

An introductory explanation of dialects within the spoken Chinese language.
Lum Jo

A Great Tiger Descends - Lum Jo Passes Away

One of the most remarkable Kung Fu men has passed away. Patriarch of Lam family Hung Kuen. A well-lived 103 years.
Northern Shaolin Video Teaser Clip

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Teaser Clip 2011

Check out this cool Kung Fu video clip from PATHS Atlanta Martial Arts.
Kung Fu Triangle makes 3

Principles Pave the Way

Principles are more important than the techniques themselves.
Bennet tests Tan Tui in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu class

Northern Shaolin gets new Tan Tui Graduate

Testing Northern Shaolin's Tan Tui is a definite Kung Fu ability!
Sifu Joel Rodriguez of Ying Jow Pai Kung Fu

Atlanta Wulin suffers a Great Loss

Atlanta's own Kung Fu Master Joel Rodriguez of Northern Ying Jow Pai Kung Fu passes away.
Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Video 2010

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu 2010 Video Clip

Introducing Northern Shaolin Kung Fu - Video Highlights 2009-2010.

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