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Prices: The Cost of Kung Fu Classes

Everybody wants to know the prices

“How much do Kung Fu classes cost?” is definitely the most common question.

Payments are via PayPal or Cash. Yes – PayPal accepts ALL debit and credit cards, direct bank transfers, and more.


Otherwise, it’s Direct Withdrawal from your Bank on a regular, recurring basis and my paying for a Collections Agency. So Take care of your dues.

For the first time, in November of 2016, we published our prices. Why wait so long?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life: money rules the world. I live in a small apartment. Why not live in a mansion? Well, it’s not my style, for one. But more importantly, I couldn’t afford to, even if I wanted to!

Dues for Kung Fu Classes
Dues for Kung Fu Classes

We get it. You have to shop around. And when you’re not sure how to judge one school from the next – you know very little about how a martial arts class should be like, then you tend to base your decisions on the small and easy-to-understand attributes: Location and Cost. 

In an ideal world, people wouldn’t have to shop by price. And we’d love it if you didn’t. Why? Because pricing is about more than mere affordability. More often than not, number = value. Whether you realize it or not – a thing subconsciously begins to have an associated perceived value to you, based on that little number called price or cost.

Ever hear the phrase “You get what you pay for?”

Yes – I know you have.

It's a Value Exchange

So the truth is, if our prices were of an amount that equals the value we provide, then there are very few people who could afford it. 

We hope that you will come and try our classes and see if it fits within your goals, interests, tastes, etc., rather than counting us in or out, solely based on price.

Take a look around the internet and compare prices, if you like. No, seriously; Do It! But better yet, create a range that fits within your budget. Then take all the free trials you can. And then narrow down by price. Not before.

We already know that you will find our prices more affordable. We know that you will love your first class with us.

Give PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu a try.

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