The paths name

Just what is in a name and what is it about our name that made us choose PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu?

Names matter. Especially Brand Names.

Consider this: “Cargo House” and “Pequod” were two options they thought about before naming the brand Starbucks

If that’s the case, why PATHS? Read on to learn more behind the mystery and history of PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu – the name.

Why The Name PATHS?

The name “PATHS” was devised back in 2007 – 2008 by the founding members of the organization, David Jones and Allen Carroll. It was chosen as an acronym, meaning Physical Arts & Traditional Health Systems.

Adding Atlanta to the name

Sifu Kiessling came on board soon after and the name has stuck throughout the years, making only one revision, from PATHS to PATHS Atlanta; due to us being in Atlanta, GA and all. 🙂

It hints at what our inner aims were. It’s also a bit telling of the two founding members’ teacher, Allen Pittman, who leads the charge in personal development through various physical arts (and traditional health systems), like the Chinese Neijia arts of Gao Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan, his amazing Wisdom of the Body system, and more. (If some of the Chinese words seem intimidating to you, read up on Romanization to get a better handle of it.)

Kung Fu is added to the name

As our goals began to change and as Sifu Kiessling began to optimize the website, he realized that the acronym did little for our efforts in branding, so “PATHS Atlanta” became “PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu.”

Throughout the years, the lives and goals of the three founders have changed (read more about this on Our History page and more generally About Us) and now Sifu Kiessling is the sole inheritor of PATHS.

Although one day in the future we may go down a complete re-branding, such that our name would better represent who we now are, for now, we are sticking with the name, since Sifu Kiessling has put in quite a bit of time and effort in getting the name out there, optimizing the website, etc.

In light of this, Sifu Kiessling put forth a Challenge to his Northern Shaolin Kung Fu students: “What ways can the name PATHS still be used to represent our new identity?” And they came up with the following ideas, each of them worthy of merit. (Our students are awesome at helping out. Read some Reviews to guess why.)

They fall into two categories: The same acronym, but with different meanings and using the word “PATHS” as more of a metaphor or analogy.

Possible PATHS Acronym Meanings

  • Personal Applications To Hone Self
  • Personal Advancement Through Hard work & Self-Discipline
  • Personal Arts, Tactical Habits System
  • Paving Advancement To Higher Self
  • Party At The House Sometimes

Okay, maybe not that last one. 😛

PATHS as Metaphor & Analogy

  • Different Paths, Same Mountain
  • Internal vs. External Path
  • Path of Progression
  • Path as 道 Dào (more commonly known as Tao)
  • Path to Perfection
  • Path-a-logical Progress
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