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Unfortunately, Taijiquan / Tai Chi classes are not being offered at this time.

Taijitu - Tai Chi Class DescriptionAt PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu, we’ve recently started our Taijiquan (AKA Tai Chi) class back up. Our current offering is the traditional internal Chinese martial art of Yang Family Tai Chi or Yang Shi Taijiquan.

You’ll see the terms Tai Chi and Taiji used variously throughout this website. Learn more about these two terms – their similarities & differences and the reasons why by clicking here.

Although there are five main family styles of Taijiquan (Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu (Hao) and Sun), we use the current standard of Yang family, as it is most well-known and a softer introduction for those who’d like to dive in to the depths at some point. Even within the Yang style, there are many variants and sub-styles, however we follow the current standard of the Yang family.

Is Tai Chi right for me?

How can you tell if Tai Chi is right for you? You might be thinking it’s that bit only for the frail, however you’d be mistaken. Think of these aspects:

  • Are you ready for a relaxing, and yet at the same time, energizing work out?
  • Interested in physically experiencing this “mind-body connection” so many people wax on about?
  • Need a 內家 Nèi Jiā or Internal Chinese Martial Art style to balance out your 外家 Wài Jiā or External style?
  • Looking to truly learn and experience proper structure, alignment and martial application of an aesthetically-beautiful Chinese martial art?
  • Want improved balance, strength, relaxation and more?

Well then our Yang style Tai Chi training just might be for you!

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Yang Style Tai Chi Class Description

Our one hour classes follow a very specific structure designed to not only teach you movements, but to also truly prompt your experience of all the wonderful benefits (and more) listed above.

As opposed to the rigorous physical demands in our Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Class, the Tai Chi program builds strength, root, flexibility and other aspects in a more subtle way.

In each and every class, you will experience Qigong, yet without any technical Qigong methods, by the main component of Kung Fu: Repetition.

You’ll learn simple component Taijiquan pieces. You’ll learn proper weight distribution, body mechanics, structure, joint alignment, breath harmonization, etc.

We will take these movements and practice them many times in many different ways.

Over time, the breath deepens and lengthens. The shoulders drop. The worries go away. The subtle strength begins to be felt.

We learn the martial applications to these movements and we practice these. We learn combinations of movements.

You’ll come away each class feeling relaxed, happy, energized. You will have definitely had a work-out, but not feel drained.

With a smile on your face, you’ll be looking forward to practicing at home and even moreso to the next class.

How to Make the Most of Your Tai Chi Class

Visit the About Our Classes section and learn some Tips on Making the Most of Your Tai Chi Class.

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