A lot of fun in PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu classesAll of our Kung Fu classes (regardless of style) are Teen / Adult Kung Fu classes – the minimum age for attendance is 15 years old. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the resources for younger students.

Please visit the Chien Hong school (personally recommended), if you are looking for children classes.

In every single PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu class, you are guaranteed to make personal progress; to learn something new, to gain new perspectives on your previously-learned material, to learn and practice the martial applications of movements with fellow students, and much more.

Also at each class, students will engage in ever-challenging physical exercises. But don’t let this concept scare you off. The physically-challenging aspects, in the beginning, are easily self-regulated, such that you can do what you can do. And then a little more, of course. But it’s not something that will put you in the bushes puking, etc.

Just inquire with a current student (I will put you in touch) to get a real feel and see if this might be something for you or not.

Regardless of whether it’s a Northern Shaolin class or another offering, we’re still talking about Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, or TCMA. And at its bare minimum, that means many repetitions of body movements..

Students receive individual and one-on-one attention, as Kung Fu is about personal progress – the progression along a path towards mastery.

Traditional Kung Fu Training

Music Accompaniment

To help you Get in the Zone for Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. To aid in finding your second wind. To get you in the Martial Arts mindset. To help you relax.

Having music playing in the background during various activities is a concept everyone can relate to. And so can we.

So we have a variety of evolving Music Playlists kicking out of the speaker for Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

With some Fun Sprinkled In

As mentioned, you’ll get a work out. But you’re among classmates. And more importantly, among like-minded Kung Fu friends. You immediately have things in common, aside from merely being classmates.

From soreness, confusion, frustration, awkwardness and more – everyone goes through the various stages from time to time and so it’s nice to be able to relate to others, ask questions, share experiences and tips, etc.

And Share Some Laughs.

Even in the midst of working out, in whatever Kung Fu class you may be attending, laughter and the accompanying smiles don’t seem to be far away.

And something that tends to lighten the burden of physicality in every class – there always seems to be a chuckle-worthy moment or two at almost every class!

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Tips for Making the Best of your Kung Fu Class

There’s a few things you should know if you truly want to make the best out of each and every Kung Fu class experience.

  • Wear loose-fitting work-out clothes; nothing restrictive nor revealing
  • Remove jewelry to avoid injury or loss
  • Since we train outdoors, wear weather / seasonal appropriate clothes (Check the Weather)
  • Come a few minutes early to get ready, chat with your friends, etc.
  • Bring your Notebook and take notes
  • Chances are you will be sweating; you might want to bring a towel and / or a change of clothes
  • During the cold weather, we provide hot / warm drinks & during the warmer months bottled water; but feel free to bring your own
  • We also have Sweat Towels (we wash, dry and fold) for your use
  • Be sure to Check In – in the Attendance Log and on your preferred Mobile device App (Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.)
  • Ask Questions
  • Bow to Sifu and fellow students when appropriate
  • Help retrieve and put away the variously-required training equipments for the session
  • Be diligent and practice
  • Let Sifu and Advanced Students know of any sickness, injuries, etc.
  • Inform Sifu & the group know well ahead of time if you can not attend or are running late
  • Likewise, let us know if you need to leave early and at what time
  • Keep the conversations relevant and minimal
  • Help keep the training area clean; put recyclables and trash in their proper places
  • When first engaging a training partner in a brand new martial application, Go Slow!
  • As above, if you’re on the receiving end of a joint / body manipulation technique, Tap to let your partner know “that’s enough”

There’s probably more, but that should give you a great start along your path to Kung Fu and mastery!

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