Northern Shaolin

Northern Shaolin, or more specifically, the Northern Shaolin Boxing School 北少林拳門 is a very specific style of Kung Fu or Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA) made quite popular by the legendary 顾 汝 章 Gù Rǔ Zhāng. Gu is popularly known for his skill and public demonstrations of 鐵 掌 功 Tiě Zhǎng Gōng or Iron Palm Skill, which is a special conditioning method found in many martial art systems and not necessarily part of a Northern Shaolin curriuculum.

This 外 家 Wài Jiā or External (family) Kung Fu style builds solid fitness, physical intelligence, martial ability and much more, including many aspects that break out of the External mold, into the 內 家 Nèi Jiā or Internal family.


A Common Misconception

Although there are definite ties to the 少 林 寺 Shào Lín Sì – Shaolin Temple or Shaolin Monastery, our style is not the well-known Shaolin Kung Fu that many mistakenly associate with the name.

Some people intuit “Northern Shaolin” to be a more general grouping of styles of Chinese martial arts, however as mentioned above, we teach a very specific style.

Northern Shaolin

The content of our Northern Shaolin style consists of many different training methodologies, empty-hand forms, Qigong sets, traditional Chinese weaponry and much more.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu has been in Atlanta for over 20 years! And we are still going strong!

Come be a part of the mystery, the legend and the reality that is Northern Shaolin Kung Fu! 

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Our Instructor

Lineage & History


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