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Kung fu classes

Step into a world of empowerment and transformation with our Northern Shaolin Kung Fu classes at PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu. Picture this: the invigorating outdoors becomes your training ground, where every move you make echoes the centuries-old wisdom of martial arts. Join us for two captivating hours every Wednesday night at 6 pm and Sunday at noon in the heart of Glenlake Park, just a half-mile away from the vibrant downtown Decatur in metro Atlanta.

Here at PATHS, we’re not just a martial arts school—we’re a dynamic community of individuals, much like yourself, on a journey of self-improvement. Each class is more than a physical exercise; it’s a holistic experience where your body, mind, and spirit align to forge a stronger, more resilient you.

Our community thrives on personal progress, and you’re invited to be a part of this transformative journey. Discover the path to a better version of yourself on our Class Schedule and Location page—because at PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu, we’re not just teaching martial arts; we’re guiding you to transform into the best version of yourself

All of our Kung Fu classes are Teen / Adult Kung Fu classes – the minimum age for attendance is 15 years old. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources for younger students.

Please visit the Chien Hong school (personally recommended) if you’re looking for children’s Kung fu and martial arts classes. They have a great program! And tell them we sent you! 🙂 

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Kung Fu at Glenlake Park in Decatur, Metro Atlanta, GA

Through our intensive training and varied studies, students learn to not just do Kung Fu, but be Kung Fu!

We build the martial body, the sensitive and probing mind, and spirit, the depth of character you need to transform yourself and your world.

Philosophy, Forms, Martial Applications, Physical Fitness & Conditioning, Weaponry, Qigong (aka Chi Gong, Chi Kung, etc.), Chinese Language. All this and more. 

Traditional Kung Fu Training

All classes have one main goal: to help you, the student, progress, to push your “personal best” to even higher levels – all within a fun & friendly environment!

Students receive individual, one-on-one attention, as Kung Fu is about personal progress – the progression along a path towards mastery; after all, that IS what the word Kung Fu means! 

Chinese mural depicting Kung fu training
Chinese mural depicting Kung fu training

In every PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu class, you’re sure to make personal progress. You may learn something new, gain new perspectives on your previously-learned material, learn and practice the martial applications of movements with fellow students, and much more.

Students will also engage in ever-challenging physical exercises. But don’t let this concept scare you off. The physically-challenging aspects, in the beginning, are easily self-regulated, such that you can do what you can do. And then a little more, of course! 🙂

See our Northern Shaolin Kung Fu curriculum, learn more about us, read a bit of What Our Students Say, or read one students’ class experience in Good to be Back! A Kung Fu class review

With Fun Sprinkled In!

A lot of fun in PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu classes
A lot of fun in PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu classes

You’ll get a workout. But you’re among classmates and like-minded Kung Fu friends.

From soreness, confusion, frustration, awkwardness, and more – everyone goes through the various stages from time to time, and so it’s nice to be able to relate to others, ask questions, share experiences and tips, etc. 

And Share Some Laughs.

Even while working out, in whatever Kung Fu class you may be attending, laughter and the accompanying smiles don’t seem far away.

Chuckle-worthy moments tend to appear frequently in classes as well, lightening the physical burden. 

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