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Bagua & Xingyi Seminar

My apologies to Allen and the readers. I’d written this post last weekend and thought I had published it. Until I just now noticed, it had not been published at all. And so it’s going up only one day ahead of the weekend. 🙁 

Allen Pittman is teaching another outstanding seminar in Atlanta, Georgia!

This Saturday and Sunday, June 18th and 19th, 2016.

This stuff is going down!

This is the Year of the Monkey in the view of the Chinese zodiac system.

Allen will break down Zhang Junfeng‘s Monkey Form with applications that directly relate to real fighting techniques. Some weapon and submission training concomitant with other forms of Monkey within Xingyi / Hsing I and Bagua / Pa kua.

Allen Pittman

Allen Pittman
Allen Pittman

It’s difficult to think that you’ve not heard of Allen Pittman before, because, to be honest, he is a Legend. He was one of the first few to write books about the Chinese Internal Martial Arts (or 內家 Neijia) in English!

He’d probably tell you not to think of him that way, showing extreme humility, but you can rest assured that you’d get some amazing training by this man.

Allen has been a personal friend of mine for years. I’ve studied a bit of Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, Qigong, and other topics under his guidance. He is personable, friendly and fun. And above all else – the breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience is a bit over the top. And yet, also quite true and real.

As a matter of fact, Allen was our very first interview on our martial arts podcast awhile back, which you can listen to or download. And then we interviewed him a second time. (If you dig that, you might like to see our listing of Martial Arts Podcasts.)

As you might have guessed, Allen Carroll, our previous resident Xingyiquan teacher, was trained by Grand-daddy Pittman.

Allen Pittman has traveled the world for 40 years apprenticing in yogic, healing and martial arts traditions. He has worked as Teacher, Therapist, Trainer and Bodyguard with people of all ages and cultures. He has written several books and numerous articles and also produces educational DVDs. He founded Physical Training Traditions (PTT), for which, ironically, Sifu Kiessling was the webmaster, in 1985 and has served as bodyguard to H.H. the Dalai Lama, Andrew Young, Ralph Nader, Richard Gere, and Deepak Chopra, to name a few.

Workshop Details

Date: June 18 – 19
Time: 10 AM – 2 PM
Location: Glenlake Park – 1121 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030
Cost: $100 per day or 175.00 for both days


Register and RSVP in advance for the Workshop.


Allen Pittman lives in Europe these days, so this is now what has become a very rare opportunity to learn from a real master teacher!

Zhang Junfeng

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