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Lum Jo passes

Hung Gar Legend, Lum Jo, passes away

Lum Jo, Lam Cho, Lam Gun Kau of Lam Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu and Dit Da TCM
Lum Jo, Lam Cho, Lam Gun Kau of Lam Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu and Dit Da TCM

Sifu Craig Kiessling expresses his most heartfelt condolences.

We are, ultimately, saddened to report that Hung Gar Kung Fu Grandmaster Lum Jo has passed away. He was also known as Lam Cho or “Lam Gun Kau.”.

Between 1:58 and 2:15 pm, he took his last breaths at Hong Kong Baptist Hospital.

Lum Jo, the Patriarch of the Lam Family Hung Kuen (Hung Fist) style of Kung Fu, and famed Dit Da practitioner, was a living legend during his 102 years, teaching for over 80 years.

Many of his family continue in his footsteps, spreading the art and knowledge of Hung Kuen, a famous style of Kung Fu, as well as their branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

I spoke about this in Episode 6 of the Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast.

Learn more About Us) sends our most sincere condolences to the Lam family and the entire Hung Kuen.

武林 Wulin means Martial Forest in Mandarin Pinyin Chinese. This term refers to a local Kung Fu community. So you might be interested to hear about another great who passed away. But this one is in Atlanta.

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