Kung Fu Triangle makes 3

Principles Pave the Way


Last Sunday’s class was a long one, beginning with an in-depth discussion of some basic number systems – direct examples as well as symbolisms found today and throughout history, all over the world, in a variety of subject areas.

If you weren’t there for that, sorry you’ll just have to pick it up another time. However, it was just some principles. But the idea (or principle) of principles is an important one.

A growing number of teacher and student have joined the popular movement that tends to discard much; and all too often "the baby is thrown out with the bath water." And this is true of principles and theories.

For example, let’s look at the number three (3). Although this topic could be talked about for hours, I’ll narrow the scope a bit for brevity.

Some examples where we find it:

    Kung Fu Triangle makes 3
  • Christian Holy Trinity
  • Hindu Trimurti
  • Hindu Trivedi
  • Buddhism’s Triple Jewels
  • Taoism’s Three Pure Ones
  • 3 Abrahamic Religions
  • Heaven, Earth & Man
  • Color Classifications (3 primaries, etc.)
  • Time (past, present & future)
  • Trifunctional Hypothesis (priest, warrior & commoner)
  • Triplet codon system (DNA/RNA etc.)
  • Proton, Neutron & Electron
  • 3 spatial dimensions
  • Tripods & Triangles
  • 3 main joints of each limb
  • Hey – Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun!
  • And many, many more

And how does this effect martial arts? In a great many ways. However to be brief – spotting or creating triangles – in our own body, in another’s body, in the combination of bodies, in the combination of bodies and space, etc. we have found to be very important.

The point here is that an understanding of this principle of 3 can be extremely helpful to your martial art training – not just mere head-games. We can find 3’s in many different areas of our art.

So if we understand and train the principle, we can spot it, use it, and respond appropriately, via principle – regardless of whether it happens to be "General Lifts Urn" or "Virtue Slays Demon" movements.

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