Bennet tests Tan Tui in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu class

Northern Shaolin gets new Tan Tui Graduate

Bennet tests Tan Tui in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu class

PATHS Atlanta would like to congratulate Northern Shaolin Kung Fu student, Bennett Whipple, who recently passed his testing of Tan Tui, one of the three major introduction forms in our Curriculum.

In our line of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, this is no small feat! We practice the 12 Roads of Tan Tui as a training form.

In the early stages of ones progressing through the system, the Kung Fu practitioner holds almost every posture, including the kicks, for a five second count, making one trip through the form last about 20 minutes!

Endurance and strength are obviously built alongside the many martial applications that range from shallow and obvious, to the deep and somewhat hidden.

After a long Hsing I / Xing Yi Quan class in the hot sun, Bennett truly showed his endurance in Kung Fu by following it up with some Northern Shaolin training.

As many of you know, during a Northern Shaolin test, it’s three strikes and you’re out. Well Bennett made it and decided to move on to his next introductory form, Lian Bu Quan, also known as Lein Bo Kuen; Continuous Stepping Fist.

Again, Bennett, congratulations and welcome to Lein Bo Kuen!

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