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Allen Pittman Athens Seminar 2010

Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan & Wisdom of the Body

Allen Pittman, renowned author and Bagua / Xing Yi instructor is coming to Athens, Georgia!

PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu & Hu Kung Fu present two martial art seminars. Each one will focus on a different 內 家 Nèi Jiā style of Kung Fu or TCMA (Traditional Chinese Martial Arts).

This amazing double-feature will be taking place in Athens, GA. An excellent combination of “Wisdom of the Body” methods & for warming up and either the martial art of Ba Gua Zhang or Xing Yi Quan!

Allen Pittman
Allen Pittman


Allen Pittman will be leading these workshops during the weekend of , 2010, in Athens, GA. Each day will consist of about 45 minutes of Wisdom of the Body warm-ups and then 3 hours of martial arts instruction in the style of the day. Saturday will focus on Xing Yi Quan foundations, and Sunday’s focus will be Chen Pan Ling Ba Gua Zhang.

Although many of these bits might stand alone as a course, they go well together using Wisdom of the Body as warm-ups.. 

Wisdom of the Body

When:Saturday, April 10th & Sunday, April 11th
1pm – 1:45pm
May be taken separately or together with Martial Arts workshop
Where:Roots Farm
46 Braver Trail, Winterville, Ga 30683
What:“Wisdom of the Body” is a revolutionary new system of exercise that realigns body and mind. It is the alliance of energy psychology with the most comprehensive physical training available.
Cost:$30 for only W.O.B. both days
$20 for only W.O.B. one day

Xing Yi Quan Foundations

When:Saturday, April 10th
2pm – 5pm
Where:Roots Farm
46 Braver Trail, Winterville, GA 30683
What:The focus will be on the foundations of Xing Yi Quan.
Cost:$40 for only Xing Yi Quan
$50 for Xing Yi Quan + W.O.B.
$70 for Xing Yi Quan + Ba Gua Zhang
$90 for full package

Chen Pan Ling Ba Gua Zhang

When:Sunday, April 11th, 2010
2pm – 5pm
Where:Roots Farm
46 Braver Trail, Winterville, GA 30683
What:The focus will be on Chen Pan Ling style Ba Gua Zhang.
Cost:$40 for only Ba Gua Zhang
$50 for Ba Gua Zhang + W.O.B.
$70 for Ba Gua Zhang + Xing Yi Quan
$90 for full package

These seminars are always popular, so space is limited.

Mr. Pittman’s seminars are always fun, informative, and practical; we are very pleased to have him back!

PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu and Hu Kung Fu looks forward to seeing old friends and new at this series of martial arts seminars!

3 thoughts on “Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan & Wisdom of the Body: Athens, GA 2010”

  1. I was only able to make the Sunday Bagua seminar, but WOW! I had a great time and loved the older Chen Pan Ling version with Ox tongue palms!

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