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After my troubles with RCsandmore, I decided to use one of the suppliers I’ve trusted for years, Asian World of Martial Arts, or AWMA and was exceptionally pleased. 

Deluxed Broadsword by AWMA
Deluxed Broadsword by AWMA

A trusted old friend in the Martial Arts

In my online search for a quality practice broadsword, I began doing Google searches, etc. and found a variety of retailers – some known & some not so. I’d found what I was looking for, made the purchase and then all hell broke loose. Anyway, not being too deterred, I continued my search.

And then the question occurred to me “Where did I order Martial Arts supplies from in the past?”

I’m quite grateful for that little revelation, as I’ve become re-introduced to several old trusted companies, one of them being Asian World of Martial Arts.

I searched their website and found just what I was looking for, but had some questions. I called up their 1-800 customer service line, waited less than half a minute, and not only had all my questions answered, but from a friendly and helpful individual who also offered personal suggestions.

Although I was still a bit hesitant, due to my earlier online purchase issues, I went ahead and made the order. 

Satisfied Customer

The package arrived earlier than expected. The broadsword was as promised, in excellent condition, and came with a packing slip and a copy of their latest catalog, which I must say is impressive, at over 300 pages!

I’ve practiced the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu broadsword form, Pek Kwar Da Dao (see our Curriculum), many times with this sword now. The sword feels great in my hands and shows no sign of wear. The sash tassels that came with the sword are flimsy and I quickly removed them.

This Standard Broadsword by Asian World of Martial Arts is highly recommended for those martial arts students learning the Northern Shaolin weapons. A solid Aluminum one-piece measuring at 32″ long overall. Un-sharpened and 26″ long blade featuring an etched blood groove. Nylon wrapped handle and comes without scabbard.

Getting the product I wanted in a short time, with excellent customer service and at a reasonable price – I am more than satisfied with AWMA, and with their new catalog, I will definitely be returning to this old friend yet again for purchases in the future. 

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