Two more Northern Shaolin tests Passed!

Two Northern Shaolin Kung Fu students demonstrating Tan Tui applicaitons during a test

PATHS Atlanta sends congratulations to Philip and Aiken, who recently passed their Northern Shaolin Kung Fu tests on Sunday, September 27th, 2009. It was quite a day. As one of the first sessions with the new time starting later in the day, the session was long and hard.

Although testing in two different areas of the system, we found a way to cover it all.

Philip had completed Lein Bo Kuen and was testing his entry into the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system proper.

Aiken was ready to test his basics and the introductory animals: Phase I.

Full Kung Fu Training during Test

Although only slightly chilly, the test takers, Philip and Aiken, were the only ones present; excluding myself and Amphay, of course.

We began with some very light warm-ups. We followed that with a powerful static Qigong, leading into the first treasure of the Eight Treasures Qigong set.

After a short break, we moved on to the more involved warm-ups, including bits from Phase I through Phase III.

Then came the cornerstone to many Chinese Martial Arts: the Horse Stance. Philip held for 7 minutes and Aiken for 3 (although he did try to hang for as long as he could). During the Horse Stance, various questions were asked, and bits of new knowledge were given.

Next came the introductory material. Aiken tested two random animals, and Philip all five. And then of course were their applications.

A short session of pointers, corrections and repetitions was followed by Philip’s testing of Tan Tui. A few moments to gather the breath, and then we tested applications from various martial roads of the form.

Next was his Lein Bo Kuen test, with the focus being mainly on memory of the movements.

At long last Philip and Aiken bowed out of the test and waited to hear the final word. They had passed their tests. Each of them had different points to practice on, but overall did quite well.

Of course, the session did not end there. We fine-tuned the areas that needed work. We covered a bit of new form material, worked on some new applications, and ended with stationary and fixed-stepping Iron Pole.


Congrats to Philip and Aiken for a job well done! PATHS Atlanta and I wish you the best of luck for your kung fu future, down the roads of Tan Tui for Aiken, and Pek Kwar Da Dao for Philip.

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