Tan Tui - Chinese Characters

New Northern Shaolin Tán Tuǐ Practitioner

Tan Tui - Chinese Characters

In his own words, "I’ve always wanted to learn Tán Tuǐ…"

Congrats! to Kayvan, who recently passed his Phase I test, and is now moving on to train Tan Tui.

  • Random Northern Shaolin Questions
  • 3 Minute Horse Stance
  • Basic Stance Drill
  • Basic Shaolin Block – Punch Combos
  • Random Animals of the Five
  • Basic Animal Applications

Kudos to you new folks who huffed out the horse stance holding while he tested!

After receiving his critiques and tips for progressing the material he tested, Kayvan went on to learn our unique introduction into the 12 Roads of Tán Tuǐ.

For those of you who’ve passed Tan Tui, or are currently working on this mammoth training form of the Chinese Martial Arts, please do share your tips and advice with your new brother of Springing Leg.

So Kayvan, Congratulations and Good Luck, as you walk down the roads of Tan Tui.

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