Jay and Philip doing Northern Shaolin Iron Pole during test

Northern Shaolin has 2 new Tan Tui Graduates!

Jay and Philip doing Northern Shaolin Iron Pole during test

PATHS Atlanta sends congratulations to Philip and Jay, who passed their tests on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009. It was quite a day. A feeling of nervous excitement filled the already thickly humid air as we began the warm-ups, having just been announced that Philip and Jay would be testing.

Full Kung Fu Training during Test

It was a nice class size, with Dave, Hosh, Aiken, Jay, Philip and myself sweating it out.

A full set of Phase One warm-ups, with some Phase Twos mixed in, started off the session. After some breathing and a slight cool-down, the testing continued.

Jay and Philip, the test-takers, stood together in front of their kung fu brothers, and bowed with respect. A couple of pop-quiz questions helped everyone learn a little something. And then it was time for the Horse stance.

Everyone took up their foot positions and settled in (for a long winter’s nap?) and settled down, as I picked up my cell phone to keep an eye on the time. As the minutes crept along, sweat once again began to drip, and knees began to shake. When one student tests, so does the entire family. Aiken, a beginning student, and Hosh, who has knee-problems, were both advised to take momentary reprieves from the enduring pain.

Finally reaching the five-minute mark, everyone slowly stood up and shook the pain from their legs. After a short break, supporting kung fu brothers once again took up their horse stances and randomly called out 3 of the 5 Animals. Philip and Jay walked the animals down the line, namely Tiger, Crane and Leopard, and then applied the movements martially in application testing.

Northern Shaolin Tan Tui

A short session of corrections, tips and advice-giving was followed up by the inevitable question, “Who wants to test Tan Tui first?” Philip jumped at the chance, and Jay took up a horse stance with his brothers. When asked if ready, Jay would later exclaim, “Let’s do this!”

Awarded a lenient 3 – 5 second posture pause, they each made the long and arduous journey down the 12 roads of Tan Tui, while their brethren sat in a horse stance; a test in its own right.

Exhausted, they received peer reviews and tips for further development, moving on to conditioning with a lengthy Iron Pole session.

At long last Philip and Jay bowed out of the test and waited to hear the final word. They had passed the test. Each of them had only two mistakes and different points to practice on; after all, testing Tan Tui next time will be more stringent!

Kudos – Everyone did a great job with enduring the horse stances and providing feedback for their brothers.

Congrats to Philip and Jay for a job well done! PATHS Atlanta and I wish you the best of luck for your kung fu future, down the road of Lein Bo Kuen (Lian Bu Quan)!

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