Northern Shaolin

Northern Shaolin Exercising in Atlanta

PATHS Atlanta offers the Traditional Chinese Martial Art (TCMA) of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu 北 少 林 功 夫 as a system of self-mastery.

Through the mists of legend to Gu Ru Zhang (顾 汝 章) though often misspelled as Ku Yu Cheung, etc.) and beyond, Northern Shaolin provides a path like no other.

Self-Defense, Forms, Applications, Physical Fitness & Conditioning, Weaponry, Qigong, Chinese Language.. All this and more are in store for the serious student of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Northern Shaolin has been in Atlanta for over twenty years and is still going strong. Come and be a part of the mystery, the legend and the reality that is Northern Shaolin Kung Fu!

History & Lineage



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